I have just opened an Etsy shop! Right now, I just have my Hummingbird and Sakura Bird cards listed, but I am hoping to have books, prints, and perhaps even some originals there in the near future. I have even had my first sale - Lyndsay of LouLouBell bought one of my Hummingbird cards. Even if I don't have another sale - it's just nice being part of the Etsy community. And, I think that Etsy is going to be huge this holiday season - the Globe and Mail even did an article this weekend in their "Style" section.


A New Roost

My humming bird and sakura bird collages are now on display at Henhouse. They couldn't have a better home, but it's bittersweet - I worked really hard on these little guys, and sort of became attached to them. Does everyone who creates artwork feel this way? I hope that they sell, but feel like I might need to interview the buyer to make sure they're going to a good place and that I'll have visitation rights. I plan on making lots more, so I hope it will get easier with time!


Back from the Market

I spent this weekend at the NSDCC Christmas Craft Market. The prep was hard work - but I had a great time. The weekend started on Thursday afternoon, when we loaded in our booth. Because of my crazy perfectionism - it took us about six hours to set up, but I was happy with the results.

I really wanted the booth to feel cozy and homey - like an extension of my studio - and I hope that I acheived that. All the furnishings either came from my studio, my nana's house, or were bought on a (very tight) budget. Lanterns and fairy lights always make a space look warm. (: So many wonderful things happened, I don't know where to start. I met lots of Nova Scotian artisans, and had such supportive feedback and comments. I met Austen of Stripey Pebble who bought a photo album from me, and is as lovely in person as she is on her blog.
The market took place in a renovated cargo warehouse on the waterfront. It was nice to be in a market space close to the water, with floor to ceiling windows. I love these industrial views. I also had my first Oscar nominated customer - Emily Watson - who is in town shooting a film and stopped by the market and bought some of my work. But, everyone who came by, said hello and had a chat is a star in my eyes. Thanks to everyone for their help, support and kindness. I couldn't have done it without you! I've taken tonight to sit back and reflect with a glass (oops! nearly a bottle!) of red wine, but tomorrow I'll be back at work for the holiday season.

A few more photos on my flickr.


Happiness is...

...a warm puppy. It's been a while since I posted. In that time, I've made lots of books, Milo has turned 1 and got a sweater (don't judge me - it's really cold here!), and I've been reading a lot about Charles Schultz.

Now, it's back to making more books. I might not post again until after my show. So long for now...