Keeping it fresh...

...or at least trying to. I've updated the sidebar on my blog with a few more of the zillion blogs I read, plus some new things I'm listening to, new shops where you can find my work, etc. I still have to do a few more updates - but I'm getting there. While I was updating, I stumbled across these beautiful Biviel shoes. I really dig them because they are a bit summerish, but could also be worn over coloured tights in the winter for a cool look. Too bad there are none left in my size!

Looking forward to the weekend and watching the mailbox for some exciting packages. More on that later...


Notes from the Studio...

I've spent most of the past couple of weeks at work in my studio. I've got a few orders to fill, and when I get into a "groove" when everything's going well, it's the best place to be. I love to listen to music and podcasts in my studio, and Shona got me into watching silly movies that you don't really have to pay attention to. So, with that in mind, here's what I've been hearing/watching:

-the soundtrack from Juno
-the new Portishead album
-since I've exhausted This American Life, I've been listening to Q - a Canadian pop culture show. I think it's great, and I love the host Jian Ghomeshi.
-I've been listening to an episode of Q featuring Los Campesinos! - I think they're good.

Feeling quite tired, going to have a cup of tea, a bit of fruit crumble and finish watching I'm Not There. Amazing performances, and for the record - I think Cate Blanchett is the best Bob Dylan.


Every girl needs a toolbox...

One of the nicest presents I got for my birthday, which was way back in February, was this toolbox from my Dad and his partner. It's taken ages for me to photograph it because I was waiting to have a clean desk, but have now realized this is never going to happen! Anyhow, this tool box is great because it opens up....

To reveal shallow drawers, like a printer's chest. I stash all my bits and pieces in here to keep them off my desk - which would be 110% messier if I didn't have this!

I think that one of the nicest things about this gift is that it's so thoughtful - something that was picked out especially for me, and I love it! The other thing that is great to me is that I think it means that my Dad really respects the work I do, and sees how important it is to me - and, to sound incredibly corny - that is a wonderful gift too.


Long Weekend

Apologies for the absence from the blog, but it's been a bit busy around here! Thanks to everyone who has placed an order, or enquired about custom work - when the post office opens tomorrow, I'm going to have a quite a few packages to send - so thank you!

But, it hasn't all been work. As my title says, it's the long weekend and we've had some fun too. Yesterday was the only sunny day of the weekend, and we went to a garden centre and bought a million (well, not quite a million, but a lot) of plants for the back garden. I have this vision of a wild, rambling English country garden, combined with a French potager. Right now, it looks a bit sparse, but once the plants fill in, it will be great. I'll get some photos when it stops raining.

We met my brother for a pubby dinner last night - it was great catching up and talking about music and movies. (Note to self - buy new Portishead album). This morning, I made this yummy Apple Puffed Pancake from Wish - kind of like a sweet Yorkshire pudding. Yum. Today, it's back to work - hopefully, a good day where I'll accomplish lots!

Oh, and in the photo above are my new summer shoes. I never thought I'd say that I'm the proud owner of metallic shoes, but I am - so there you go. (:


Japanese Paper Cutting Books

After reading a post on Sugarloop about a Japanese craft book on paper cutting that she had found on Etsy - I did a bit of my own investigation on Amazon Japan and found a treasure trove of paper cutting books (like the one above)! I want to buy them all. When I was in Sydney, I spent the better part of an afternoon at Kinokuniya checking out all the craft books. Few were on paper -lots on origami, but not the kind of paper craft I like. If anyone out there knows of any other wonderful Japanese paper crafting (esp. bookbinding) books, please let me know!


Another Cloudy-Day...

Another opportunity to play with the lightbox. This time, the subjects are my favorite pieces of (not-so) fine china.


Cloudy-Day Photography

I spent the afternoon photographing some books for a client, and some albums for my Etsy shop. Since it was a cloudy-day, I made a lightbox, which I read about on this site. It's basically just a cardboard box, with three sides cut out, you tape tissues over the holes and voila - lovely diffused light. I just used a daylight lamp that I had sitting on my desk as a light source. With all the cloudy, dark, rainy days that we get here in Nova Scotia, I think this little contraption is going to get quite a workout!


Double Happiness in Canadian Living

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that my albums were featured in the "Great Ideas" section of the June 2008 Canadian Living magazine! I'd like to extend a huge thank you to everyone at Canadian Living who put together the piece and made this possible. The photography and words are really lovely - my scan is a very poor facsmilie, you'll just have to go out and get the magazine. (; And, if you've found me via Canadian Living - welcome!


Japanese Papers

I spent this evening working on some books, and then doing some work on my website. Many people have been asking me what paper patterns my books are available in, so I put together a couple of PDFs of the papers I have in stock and uploaded here, and also provided links on my website. It's a little bit cumbersome, but it works until I have time to put up a new page on the site. And, I love seeing them here all together like this - it reminds me how beautiful all these patterns are...swoon. (:

Japanese Papers, Part Deux

More Japanese paper patterns, available on my books....


Short on the legs, long on top...

I think that's the haircut that Milo asked the groomer for. I didn't like it at first, but I'm thinking it looks pretty cute now. He's like a little bobbleheaded dog. (: