Halifax Crafters and a Spring Thing

Just popping in to say that Halifax Crafters was awesome!  I had such a great time meeting customers and my fellow local crafters- it was truly fantastic!  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera both days.  Martin brought it in to me with half an hour to go on Sunday, and I took a few crappy snaps that totally do not convey the fabulosity of the actual event!  Everything at the show was great, but I took a special shine to the jewellery of Vanessa Neily, the dolls of Third Street Crafters, the cute pouches by LouLouBell, screen printed goods by bespoke uprising, merit badges by Lee Meszaros...I am probably leaving loads out - it was all so good and I barely had any time to shop!

Before I go, I just wanted to mention another special event that's taking place this Friday night at Love, Me.  It's called "A Spring Thing" and some local artists and crafters (including me) are coming out to meet their customers.  It promises to be a great event - I'm so looking forward to meeting the people who buy my books and fellow local artisans.  And, did I mention there will be refreshments?  Hope to see you there!


It's Halifax Crafter's Spring Fling Eve!

Tomorrow is the big day - Halifax Crafters Spring Fling will be taking place this Saturday and Sunday at the Olympic Centre.  I'm nearly ready - just tying up a few loose ends.  Look forward to seeing lots of you there, and seeing the amazing work of all our local crafters! 


More Kitchen Inspiration

The mini kitchen makeover I mentioned a while back is slowly coming together.  We have redone the floors in "faux" slate tile - which is a huge improvement on the yellowing white vinyl we had previously, and in a couple of weeks, we are having new countertops installed - yay!  Again, they are a "faux" slate, but this is a budget makeover, remember?  Above I've done a little collage of other finishes and things I'd like to have.  I'm planning to paint the walls Spring Melt (top left, a Martha Stewart colour from Home Depot), I've already bought the Price Pfister faucet featured (on clearance - woo hoo!), the Red Kitchen Aid was a housewarming gift (and is one of my favorite things), the kitchen island is from Ikea (not available for delivery on their site - I'd like to find something similar locally), the wallpaper - which I'm planning to use as a backsplash is from the Countour series from Graham and Brown (it's made for kitchens and bathrooms and can be wiped down), finally - the lightfixture is from Schoolhouse Electric.  The other picture is just an inspirational photo that I love - and I am planning on incorporating a chalkboard wall, as well as giving the cabinets a fresh coat of white paint.

Phew, I get tired just thinking about it!  But, I'm really excited for it to all come together, and to have a kitchen that's more functional, and more "us."  Stay tuned for some photos...


rosa mosa

While indulging in one of my favorite hobbies - shopping for shoes on ebay - I discovered an amazing shoe company called rosa mosa.  Based in Austria (with one designer from Japan - explains why I like them so much - two of my favorite countries combined!), they use local materials and workers, and like to explore traditional design and methods.  Some of their shoes are available here in Canada at Gravity Pope (another place where I like to drool over shoes online).  I wish I had known about these when I was in Austria, for now, I will save up and dream!


Feathered Friends in the Shop!

Around Christmastime, I had a bunch of the collages I had made printed up into cards. I finally uploaded them to my Etsy shop today - so, without further ado, I'd like to introduce the "Feathered Friends Card Set."

Each set has five cards for $20, and will come wrapped in parchment paper and tied with some lovely striped string that I bought in Austria. Austrian string - you don't see that every day! Unless you live in Austria of course, then you would probably see Austrian string on a regular basis.

But, I digress - the sets sell for $20, which is a five dollar saving over buying the cards individually. They are perfect for gifting, or for framing as art. Enjoy!