Mini Kitchen Makeover

Sigh...it all started with a leaky tap. Okay - so we replace the washer. Oh - the taps don't come apart? Hmm, well, lets just get new taps - these ones are really old and ugly anyhow. What's that you say, the taps are so old and corroded that they are stuck to the sink. Well, lets get a new sink too - this one would look pretty gross with the shiny new taps. What - the sink is actually glued to the countertop???!!!! What were these people thinking??? Okay, well I guess we'll get fitted for new countertops too. And that is the story of our upcoming mini kitchen makeover.

Someday, we are planning to rip out the very old kitchen and start afresh with a design that acutally works - but for now, we'll just be refreshing the sinks, countertops and adding a fresh coat of paint to everything. Martin has requested a chalkboard wall (as in the image from Apartment Therapy, above), and I would love to do a budget revamp of the peeling vinyl floors in smart, stripy black and white (as in the photo from Design Sponge, above).

Basically, my kitchen inspirations are all white and vintage-y, with a touch of country rustic. I especially love the one above - imagine cooking in there!
A peek in at a very sweet little kitchen - love the contrast of modern metal legs with old fashioned bead board cabinets.

This one is great too - lots of storage in those tall cabinets, and who wouldn't love to have an Aga? (The final three images are all from Living Etc.) I am going this afternoon to pick out all the bits and pieces from our local hardware place, and hope to have everything in place within the next couple of weeks. I'll post some before and afters when it's all done. And to think, it all started with a leaky tap...

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Oh how I dream on a kitchen make-over too!. As for the Aga, I used to work for the Williams-Sonoma Co. + my mom was looking into using my generous discount to purchase one. Found out it was the one and only thing the discount could not be used towards.

p.s. I'm with Martin on the chalkboard paint