No Knit Scarf

I found this project on the Martha Stewart website, and I just love it! A few of the comments on the Martha site say it's made with Twinkle yarn, which looks absolutely delicious! I have been thinking of things to do to pass the time while we are on our 25 hour plus journey to Australia, but I wasn't sure if I could take knitting needles on the plane with me. This could fit the bill - but do you think I can make it in economy class on a tray table? Maybe not...


New Glasses

I got new glasses. You can't really tell from this photo - but they are tortoise shell on the front, and pink (!) on the back. And, they were designed in Canada. I always have a love/hate relationship with my glasses - I'm really nearsighted, so I need to wear them all the time, and I hate that - but I'm loving wearing these right now.


Second Sister Jewlery

I was recently convo'd on etsy by April of Second Sister Jewelery. I am so glad she contacted me, because not only do we have a shared love of vintage clothes and all things Asian, but it allowed me to discover her amazing work! Case in point, the Double Happiness bracelet pictured above - I just think it's so beautiful - the beads, the colours, everything. Second Sister has a full range of pieces including bracelets, earrings and necklaces made using a variety of materials, but all with the same lovely style. If I wasn't saving up for my holidays, I could do some serious spending in this shop! But, enough of my blabbing - just check out the shop and you'll see what I mean.


Need a Snuggle-Hug

These days, it's dark when I leave for work in the morning, and dark when I come home at night - so it's hard for me to take photos for my blog. So - please see above a photo I took this weekend of a "snuggle-hug" salt and pepper shaker set. My mom recently received a lot of old china and glassware, and these two cuties were amongst them. They fit together in a "hug" so that you can pick them both up at once to dispense your salt and pepper. Apparently, they are quite rare and sought after by salt and pepper shaker collectors the world over - who knew?
Anyhow - hope to take some more photos this weekend and resume normal blogging. Meanwhile, I am sitting in here in the winter dark, drinking a mug of tea and planning to pop on the second episode of the box set of "The Riches" that I rented.


Meow! Want Wool

Went antique/junk shopping with my mom this weekend and found one of my favorite things ever - a yarn bag with kitties on it. You put your yarn in the bag, and pull the string out of a hole near the big cats bottom creating a tail - so cute! I am halfway through a knitting project - this hat from Treats and Treasures - so I can't use my kitty bag yet, but I'm looking forward to it. No more tangled yarn!


Anthropologie New Years Resolution Outfits

Seems like pretty much everyday, I get an email from Anthropologie tempting me with some great new clothes. Today, they featured a series of outfits each linked to a resolution. The one above is "journal daily" - which I have never been able to do. But, now I know what's been wrong - I haven't had a cute little outfit to wear! (: Seriously though - I am totally addicted to looking at clothes on the Anthropologie site. Fear of high duty fees keeps me from ordering anything, but it's a great source of inspiration.

Speaking of internet addictions, I think that Etsy pounce is going to be a pretty dangerous one for me!


New Books in Shop...

I've listed a few more books in my etsy shop. The one above is a particular favorite - it's bound with a pearlescent bookcloth which is really lovely and shimmery - it's quite wedding-y. And, I love the interior pages - they are papaya coloured. Yum.

And, is it just me, or does it take everyone forever to list things in their etsy shop? It seems to take ages to go through each step. Maybe my photos are too big?

In totally unrelated news - Goldfrapp is releasing a new album, and I like the sounds of it.



I watched quite a few films over the holidays. Thought I'd share them with you - I'd love to hear your opinions if you watched them too:

Once - I really loved this movie. The music is great, and the whole thing was so real and heartfelt.

Eastern Promises - A bit violent - but an interesting glimpse into the underworld. I really like Cronenberg, and it's not just because he's Canadian.

Atonement - This film was excellent - beautifully shot and an amazing story. Go to cinema, see now.

Stardust - So much more than I expected. This film reminded me of the Princess Bride - which is to say that it was funny and whimsical and I liked it very much.

Zodiac - I had read some lukewarm reviews for this film - but it was really very good. Suspensful and creepy without being gory. I loved the fact that it was focussed more on solving the crimes than on the crimes themselves. After watching - I googled the Zodiac Killer to get more information and it's so interesting - I can see how people become obsessed with solving these crimes.

Paris Je'taime - Another film to love. 18 little stories about Paris - just unrelated little snapshots of life in the city each created by a different director. Highly recommended.

I'd be such a crap movie reviewer - I don't know enough adjectives and I seem to like just about everything. Well, that's not true - we also watched Ocean's 13 which I thought was style over substance, Mr. Bean's Holiday - turned off after 5 minutes because it was so idiotic (and I usually like Mr. Bean!), and La Vie en Rose - the story of Edith Piaf which was a well made film, but her life was so unbearably sad that it was difficult to watch.

So, how about you - seen any good films lately?

Tout changer c'est possible....

...roughly translated, that's "all change is possible." I took the phrase from the cover of the November issue of "Marie Claire Maison." That's what I've been doing over my holiday break - relaxing, eating, drinking, flicking through my magazines and thinking about change. The change that Marie Claire is talking about is the home variety - the November issue is great because it talks about how to change your home with basic items on a budget. An example - the bedroom pictured above - the headboard is made of placemats! I love the slightly rumpled, messy aesthetic of the French home - for more inspiration check out the website of artist Nathalie Lete and the Jeu de Paumes books.

I like this photo too - it looks like something you might find in my house. But, I'm digressing - the subject of this post is change. I'm hoping to change lots of things in my home - just try to be more tidy and organized, and make my house more an expression of "me" - and do it all on a budget, of course. Another change that I want to make is in my art and craft work - I want to be more focused and accomplish more in the time that I have available. Right now, I'm working in fits and starts - I always seem to be scrambling to meet deadlines. I think that slow and steady is the answer, I'm hoping that I can make it work.

That brings me to a final change - I'm hoping to claim back some time from my day job and art and craft work to do the "little things" - cooking yummy meals, spending time with friends and family, taking walks with Milo, learning new things. Just being present in the moment and enjoying - without stressing about work and deadlines. I had a great year and feel that I worked hard and accomplished a lot - but I think that if I get find some more balance, I can do even more.

So, that's me. Back from a wonderful relaxing break, with a muddled resolution of sorts. Wishing you a happy new year, and hoping that all your resolutions come true!