I watched quite a few films over the holidays. Thought I'd share them with you - I'd love to hear your opinions if you watched them too:

Once - I really loved this movie. The music is great, and the whole thing was so real and heartfelt.

Eastern Promises - A bit violent - but an interesting glimpse into the underworld. I really like Cronenberg, and it's not just because he's Canadian.

Atonement - This film was excellent - beautifully shot and an amazing story. Go to cinema, see now.

Stardust - So much more than I expected. This film reminded me of the Princess Bride - which is to say that it was funny and whimsical and I liked it very much.

Zodiac - I had read some lukewarm reviews for this film - but it was really very good. Suspensful and creepy without being gory. I loved the fact that it was focussed more on solving the crimes than on the crimes themselves. After watching - I googled the Zodiac Killer to get more information and it's so interesting - I can see how people become obsessed with solving these crimes.

Paris Je'taime - Another film to love. 18 little stories about Paris - just unrelated little snapshots of life in the city each created by a different director. Highly recommended.

I'd be such a crap movie reviewer - I don't know enough adjectives and I seem to like just about everything. Well, that's not true - we also watched Ocean's 13 which I thought was style over substance, Mr. Bean's Holiday - turned off after 5 minutes because it was so idiotic (and I usually like Mr. Bean!), and La Vie en Rose - the story of Edith Piaf which was a well made film, but her life was so unbearably sad that it was difficult to watch.

So, how about you - seen any good films lately?


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I should go see Atonement + you say Stardust is good? I have seen all the others + absolutely fell in love with Paris Je'taime- funny, sad (I cried in some segments) + everything inbetween. I'm looking forward to the Deluxe Zodiac DVD with more! more! more! extras. There were 3 very famous sereal killers during my growing up in CA + remebering the news reports...well it's all very interesting to me.
As for Mr. Bean- have not seen it, but I had the same response to Johnny English. OH! Black Adder, where have you gone???

Jennifer said...

Well, I seem to be even more woefully behind the times than I thought, given that I haven't seen a single one of these movies and, as I reflect on the year, all I've seen are the things we've seen as a family (with th 9-year-old boy driving the decisions). But then, you might really like Flushed Away or Ratatouille as much as we did....

Cat said...

I just saw 'Juno' in the theatres a couple weeks ago, I thought it was hilarious!!
It's definitely not for everyone.... but I still recommend it :)