Tout changer c'est possible....

...roughly translated, that's "all change is possible." I took the phrase from the cover of the November issue of "Marie Claire Maison." That's what I've been doing over my holiday break - relaxing, eating, drinking, flicking through my magazines and thinking about change. The change that Marie Claire is talking about is the home variety - the November issue is great because it talks about how to change your home with basic items on a budget. An example - the bedroom pictured above - the headboard is made of placemats! I love the slightly rumpled, messy aesthetic of the French home - for more inspiration check out the website of artist Nathalie Lete and the Jeu de Paumes books.

I like this photo too - it looks like something you might find in my house. But, I'm digressing - the subject of this post is change. I'm hoping to change lots of things in my home - just try to be more tidy and organized, and make my house more an expression of "me" - and do it all on a budget, of course. Another change that I want to make is in my art and craft work - I want to be more focused and accomplish more in the time that I have available. Right now, I'm working in fits and starts - I always seem to be scrambling to meet deadlines. I think that slow and steady is the answer, I'm hoping that I can make it work.

That brings me to a final change - I'm hoping to claim back some time from my day job and art and craft work to do the "little things" - cooking yummy meals, spending time with friends and family, taking walks with Milo, learning new things. Just being present in the moment and enjoying - without stressing about work and deadlines. I had a great year and feel that I worked hard and accomplished a lot - but I think that if I get find some more balance, I can do even more.

So, that's me. Back from a wonderful relaxing break, with a muddled resolution of sorts. Wishing you a happy new year, and hoping that all your resolutions come true!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Had to hold my breath for a moment...hoping change did not mean the dreaded STOP BLOGGING (as 2 people I adore have just done, but I've atually become friends with them in real life, so the trade off is fine).
Looking forward to your changes, my mom is a Francophille (sp?) and has the same aesthetic as you (I mean that in the best of all possible ways, not like, OH! you remind me of my mom + she has no style) so I'm interested to see what you come up with because she's just gone through the same thing.
I'll shut up now- happy 2008, I look forward to seeing what it brings for both of us! ALL OF US!

pussman said...

I have the same feeling. I want to change almost everything in my house, I keep dreaming about it but I do not have the energy to do anything.
Tomorrow school begins and With the children away I hope to gain some energy. I will start making lists of small things to do and thatwill give me hope. Those pictures of Marie claire are beautifull! I wish you a lot of fun decorating!