so long...

After much consideration, I have decided to close double happiness.  As much as I have enjoyed these years of creating and meeting great people - both in person and through my blog - I felt that my inspiration was waning for quite some time.  Although I love books and paper - and always will - I found myself increasingly drawn to food and cooking.  I began to wish that the time I was spending in the studio could be spent in the kitchen, and decided to find a way to make that happen.  I am starting a new venture called Honey Spoon Baking Co. - we will be specializing in artisan granolas and other good things, with an emphasis on local and organic ingredients.  We will be launching at Halifax Crafters on May 5th and 6th, and spending our Fridays at the QEII Partners for Care Farmers Market after that.

Thanks again to all my customers and supporters - your kindness over the years has meant so much.  I genuinely appreciated every sale, conversation or nice comment I had from you all. 


getting back to it...

It's been a bit of a slow starting new year, with some illness thrown into the mix.  But, I'm slowly getting back into things, including listing a few items in my Etsy shop today.  More to come, including some dayplanners and artwork.