Same old, same old...

Just busy, not enough hours in the day for work, making things, etsy, blogging, etc. Getting ready to go away (yay!) and already feeling the effects of the Christmas rush. Feeling a bit sporadic, like this post. This is making me laugh though. Ciao for now - hope to be back soon, maybe making a bit more sense!


Morning Walk

We took Milo for a walk in the park early this morning. If you arrive before 10 am, you can let your dog off leash in certain areas, but we normally don't get up early enough. But - we made it this morning, and Milo chased his ball in the morning dew while we had our coffee - it was a really lovely morning. And - we met a bit of a youtube celebrity - Toby the Biker Dog!

This video doesn't really show how incredibly cute Toby is - he is so tiny - 3-4 pounds, tops! I love his little doggles, and the way the wind makes his hair stand up.


Something new...

I spent this weekend working on making a new book form - and here it is! It's an organizer/jotter (I have to come up with a better name than that) with a notepad and accordion pockets inside.
I made something that I've been wanting - a place to organize my receipts (besides my bulging wallet) and take notes when I'm out and about.The notepad attaches with velcro, so it can be easily replaced when it runs out. Making a new type of book for the first time can be frustrating - it takes alot of trial and error. I think this particular book is actually version 3.0! I went from square to rounded corners, a new type of elastic...but I really enjoy making new things. It keeps my work challenging and fresh. I've got a few more ideas that I'm hoping to work on soon, and I also hope to have a few of these in my shop soon!