King of all he surveys...

...Milo on our new backyard deck.  Hope it's sunny this long weekend so that we can use it a little bit!


Letterpress Class

I have been taking a letterpress class for the last few weeks, and I'm really enjoying it.  Letterpress printing is pretty labour intensive, but I can see how it's also pretty addictive.  We were partnered up in class, and I am lucky to have Crystal as my partner - she is a great graphic designer and knows all about layouts, kerning, type, illustrator - all those things I am hopeless at!  One of our classmates Daniel took some great photos (see more here) and I thought I'd share them with you.  Above, Crystal and I looking, quite seriously, at one of our projects.
Us next to the letterpress with our instructor Paul, getting ready to print.  This is my typical pose when printing - looking confused and wringing my hands!  This week will be our last class - I feel as though I've just got a taste of letterpress and I want to learn more.  One fun option to play with at home could be the L Letterpress with custom polymer plates - a great review of this tool can be found on the Boxcar Press website.