Dream Job

I think that my new dream job is to be the drummer for Vampire Weekend - just love these guys. Oxford Comma is my favorite - always listen to it in the car. Cousins is a very close second - I'd really get to show off my drumming skills in that one.


Amy Butler Wallpaper

 I was searching the Graham and Brown website, looking for wallpaper for the kitchen backsplash, and I was pleasantly surprised to find new wallpapers designed by Amy Butler.  I am quite partial to the pattern "Momento" shown above in both colourways.  I am leaning toward the dark grey but have ordered samples of both, and a few others, to try out.  I am happy to say that the kitchen is nearing completion.  It's now freshly painted, and after a few hiccups, the countertops will be arriving soon - photos to follow!