Need a Snuggle-Hug

These days, it's dark when I leave for work in the morning, and dark when I come home at night - so it's hard for me to take photos for my blog. So - please see above a photo I took this weekend of a "snuggle-hug" salt and pepper shaker set. My mom recently received a lot of old china and glassware, and these two cuties were amongst them. They fit together in a "hug" so that you can pick them both up at once to dispense your salt and pepper. Apparently, they are quite rare and sought after by salt and pepper shaker collectors the world over - who knew?
Anyhow - hope to take some more photos this weekend and resume normal blogging. Meanwhile, I am sitting in here in the winter dark, drinking a mug of tea and planning to pop on the second episode of the box set of "The Riches" that I rented.

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