This always happens, I sign off and say that I'm not going to post on my blog for a while because I've been busy - and then suddenly, I'm more compelled to post than usual! A couple of people have asked about the album that was on display in my studio photos, so I thought I'd post a couple of images. I love this particular paper - I like to that that maybe if Hiroshige had lived through the psychadelic 60's, he might have created something like this in his "pink period."

This is the album open - I love the combo of pink and red, so I used red paper for the pages, and interleaved them with vellum.

While I love the bright coloured papers, sometimes I like to work with a more subdued pallette. This paper pattern always reminds me of the 1940's.

Some old black and white photos would look lovely on these pages. Now, I really must sign off - if you'd like to see more albums, please check out my flickr page. Cheerio!

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Sabine said...

I love the combination of red and pink, and the black book is asking to be filled with old family pictures!