I have just opened an Etsy shop! Right now, I just have my Hummingbird and Sakura Bird cards listed, but I am hoping to have books, prints, and perhaps even some originals there in the near future. I have even had my first sale - Lyndsay of LouLouBell bought one of my Hummingbird cards. Even if I don't have another sale - it's just nice being part of the Etsy community. And, I think that Etsy is going to be huge this holiday season - the Globe and Mail even did an article this weekend in their "Style" section.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I'm going to be rude for once + say...IT"S ABOUT TIME! Congratulations on your first sale.

Liz said...

congratulations! so cool you opened an etsy shop

Austen said...

:) Awesome!! Congratulations!