Getting Dressed

Dog Walking Day by doublehappiness

Before I started working from home, I used to fantasize about working in my PJs all day and not getting dressed. Now that I have been working at home I few days a week, I realize that getting dressed is really important. If I wear my PJs, I tend to have a lazy attitude - things get done a lot slower - but, I find that if I get dressed, I can get down to business faster. I also feel better about myself when I've put a bit of effort into my appearance - I'm not talking about getting dressed to the nines - but just fixing my hair and putting on something that I would not be embarassed to go to the grocery store in. The outfit I created on Polyvore (above) would be a perfect day at home outfit for me - working in my studio, with trips to the post office and walking the dog thrown in. The rubber boots are necessary in our Nova Scotia weather - but they are Kate Spade rubber boots - not too shabby. For details on all the other bits, follow the link.

What do you think - is getting dressed important when working from home?


Hello Pineapples! said...

cute outfit.

I agree about getting dressed. I find I'm more productive when I get dressed for the day. It's my break from slumming around the house in PJs. It's how I tell my brain: no more lazing about, get to work!

Marieke said...

For me it is! :-)

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Most definitely! PJ's + a pot of coffee + I'm a sloth.

Once you start hanging out in your PJ's all day, then you'll stop brushing your hair + from there, well you might become the disheveled lady who lives in the cottage (kids will stop + stare).

Yes, TN. is a southern state + it gets HUMID in the summer, but it's more the states south of here, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana that have the weather you are thinking of. We get snow, but mostly ice + freezing rain. Thus ends today's US geography lesson.