The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Looking forward to watching the new HBO series No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency tonight. I read the first six books in this series by Alexander McCall Smith, and really enjoyed them. The books are about a woman - Precious Ramotswe - who decides to take money that her father has left her and open a detective agency in Botswana. At first, she seems the most unlikely detective, but her mix of charm, innocence and intuition always wins out in the end. And, it's nice to see a "traditionally built" woman - as Precious calls herself - in a main romantic lead type role.


Michelle said...

I started to watch it but I got bored half way through. I was disappointed since I thought it would be something I would love. Maybe it got better but the story was off to a real slow start. It's too bad? Did you end up liking it?

Tara said...

I love Jill Scott. I used to listen to her music all the time - I need to check out this show. Hope you and Martin have a lovely weekend. :)