Adventures in Cooking

I've been cooking up a storm the last little bit - I seem to go through phases with my cooking - sometimes I can't be bothered and will eat grilled cheese sandwiches for weeks, and others I will spend hours in the kitchen making everything from scratch.  Since I'm in the latter phase, many yummy things have come out of my kitchen (if I do say so myself!) in the last little bit including zucchini carpacchio (simple, but so delicious), flourless chocolate cake (from Sophie Dahl's book), home made hummus (from Ottolenghi) - and I'm hoping many more delicious meals will be made from my new cookbook aquisition - Donna Hay's Seasons.  Her Off the Shelf is one of my favorite cookbooks of all time, and highly recommended.

Our lovely neighbors are coming over for dinner tonight, and we are having bbq pizza - it's become a bit of a speciality around here - home made gelato (not sure about this - I will let you know how it goes), and the above mentioned carpacchio and cake.  Maybe there will be some photos - or maybe we will pig it all down before I get a chance to take them!

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