Rock in the Country

I had a fantastic weekend in Pictou with my dear friend Denise (she is the one who makes these amazing fabric artworks - I got to see some over the weekend, and they are even more amazing in person!). She invited me up for the Riverfront Jubilee, but we did all sorts of other lovely things like swimming in the ocean, eating fish & chips and pizza (both in the same day!), shopping and relaxing. Denise is here for the summer staying with her parents who live in a beautiful renovated farmhouse in the country. They were all so lovely and hospitable, I was waited on hand and foot and loved every minute of it! Above is a funky old shed that's on their property.
The days were relaxing, but the nights were devoted to the god of RAWK! As mentioned above, we saw Sloan (pictured above) and Joel Plaskett. Another act I loved was Inflight Safety - they were really great too. It wasn't like a typical rockfest though, in that we weren't standing knee deep in mud, we could see perfectly, and everyone was so polite! People asked if it was ok if they stood in front of us! I love the country. Denise has suggested that we make this a yearly thing and I'm all for that!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Oh that shed! THAT SHED! You describe it as funky, but in the photo it looks so wonderfully country.

One day I'll take the time to look up all these bands you mention.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sloan! I can't image anything funner (not a word, I know) than seeing Sloan in Nova Scotia. I used to go every chance I could but now they only play really crowded places and I hate crowds. Sounds like it was an awesome concert though - and you should make that a yearly thing! My parents have a cottage in NS that they go to every summer and tease me about how I should "come down for the weekend and help paint the deck" except that it is cheaper to fly to Ireland from where I live!

*melanie from www.meli-mello.com