Japanese Paper Handbag

Each year since starting Double Happiness, I buy myself a little present to reward myself for working so hard during the holiday season. This year, I've decided that I'd like a new colourful handbag. Whilst shopping over lunch hour today, I came across these great bags from Mat and Nat. They are a Canadian company with a great philosophy, and their products are completely vegan. Best of all, the handbag above is from the Japanese paper collection. I'm not sure if the bags are actually made of Japanese paper, or if they are just inspired by it, but I don't care - I love them! My obsession with Japanese paper is well documented - so I am thinking that I must have one of these.
The hard part will be deciding what style/colour....


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

They have such interesting bags don't they?! Occasionly I find one in Winners and dither about whether or not to purchase - I haven't so far but that blue one has definitely caught me eye!

Veronica TM said...

i would have a hard time choosing also!
i love your new works.