I recently picked up this cute little pouch from etsy seller LouLouBell - and I love it! LouLouBell is Lyndsay - one of Martin's workmates - and I had no idea that she was making these lovely things and selling them on etsy. And, it really is lovely, so many great details from the denim lining, to the gorgeous Amy Butler fabric, to the cute little ribbon tab on the side seam. It's amazing that there are so many talented people out there - sometimes right under your nose. Thanks LouLouBell - can't wait to use my new pouch! ( :

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I love this story! and the fabric is so much like your last book covers, bo wonder you were attracted to it.

As for Moss- I highly reccommend it, but don't let Paper Source get ya! I suggested the site to a friend, but with this warning...you WILL spend $$