Sydney surfing...

I've spent part of this afternoon (quite unproductively) surfing the internet and planning my Sydney trip. I found some really cool links and sites - this one called Superfuture has reviews of lots of cool shops and cafes in Sydney, and other cities around the world. The reviews are submitted by readers, so they're totally honest and real. Another cool link I found was on the H&M website - they do all these cool city tours, and Sydney was one of them. Watching two ultra-trendy Sydney-siders strolling around the shops, cafes and clubs on Bondi Beach (above) makes me really look forward to my visit. On the artsy/craftsy side of things, there is also a one-day workshop on making resin jewellery that I'm interested in signing up for. I'm a huge fan of Dinosaur Designs, and would love to learn how to make my own pieces.
Well, between surfing the web, having tea and chocolate cake, surfing the web some more and a lovely phone chat with a friend - the afternoon now seems to be gone. And, maybe it wasn't so unproductive after all!
Now - it's time to get ready to go out to Morris East for dinner. Yum!


Anonymous said...

Ah Trudi, as the snow has begun to fall here again today and is predicted to leave 25 cm on the ground before it moves on, I wish I was headed to Australia with you. Your blog picture looks heavenly, hot, sunny and relaxing.
Have a truly brilliant time. Cheers! Denise

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