Don't let de boo hag ride ya...

I got a wonderful surprise yesterday - a parcel from the lovely Shona containing the planter you see above, as well as a card with one of her prints. The print is called "Don't let de boo hag ride ya" and I think it's really fitting. I have had the boo hag on my back the last little bit, sucking out all my positive energy and replacing it with negativity. Getting the card and parcel reminded me that I need to be more positive - the world isn't conspiring against me, I'm the one making myself miserable.

So, with my new mindset - rid of the boo hag - I went out shopping for the dinner party we had last night and bought some flowers to put in my beautiful new planter. The night was a great success - we enjoyed our friends and a few bottles of wine - as you can see in the "aftermath" photo. Thank you Shona - I love your gift and it came along at just the right time. ( :


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

From your friend 'down South- you are welcome + my how that planter really adds the finishing touch to your table. Please enjoy + git dat nasty 'Ol Boo Hag off yer back!

Veronica TM said...

wonderful gifts and a great reminder!
hope you are having a beautiful weekend, trudi!