Japanese Paper Cutting Books

After reading a post on Sugarloop about a Japanese craft book on paper cutting that she had found on Etsy - I did a bit of my own investigation on Amazon Japan and found a treasure trove of paper cutting books (like the one above)! I want to buy them all. When I was in Sydney, I spent the better part of an afternoon at Kinokuniya checking out all the craft books. Few were on paper -lots on origami, but not the kind of paper craft I like. If anyone out there knows of any other wonderful Japanese paper crafting (esp. bookbinding) books, please let me know!

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Anonymous said...

hiya I know your post was a little while ago (on japanese paper cutting books), and unfortunately I do not have an answer for you. I am, however interested to know if you have had any success at all? I have looked on the english/us amazon pages and there is nothing as amazing as the paper cutting books that is on the japanese link you had up.... are any of those books available in english translation? If not have you got any ideas for me... i.e. have you found any japanese paper cutting books that are good and have english translation or have you found that the japanese books that you do have are visually easily enough to follow despite the language barrier. Would love to hear from you.
My e-mail adress is linds_meyer@yahoo.com
Many thanks and appreciated Lindsay Meyer