Long Weekend

Apologies for the absence from the blog, but it's been a bit busy around here! Thanks to everyone who has placed an order, or enquired about custom work - when the post office opens tomorrow, I'm going to have a quite a few packages to send - so thank you!

But, it hasn't all been work. As my title says, it's the long weekend and we've had some fun too. Yesterday was the only sunny day of the weekend, and we went to a garden centre and bought a million (well, not quite a million, but a lot) of plants for the back garden. I have this vision of a wild, rambling English country garden, combined with a French potager. Right now, it looks a bit sparse, but once the plants fill in, it will be great. I'll get some photos when it stops raining.

We met my brother for a pubby dinner last night - it was great catching up and talking about music and movies. (Note to self - buy new Portishead album). This morning, I made this yummy Apple Puffed Pancake from Wish - kind of like a sweet Yorkshire pudding. Yum. Today, it's back to work - hopefully, a good day where I'll accomplish lots!

Oh, and in the photo above are my new summer shoes. I never thought I'd say that I'm the proud owner of metallic shoes, but I am - so there you go. (:

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Anonymous said...

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