Julie & Julia

I saw Julie & Julia the other night, and I thought it was just fantastic. It seems that everyone who saw the movie is saying this, but Meryl Streep's performance as Julia Child is just amazing and, as much as I love Amy Adams, I couldn't wait until the Meryl/Julia storyline was back on screen. I have also read Julia Child's "My Life in France" and found her story very inspiring. I just like the fact that at around the same age as me - 37 - she discovered her passion for cooking and turned it into a career. Late bloomers rule!


Lyndsay @ LouLouBell said...

I saw Meryl Streep on the View the other day with clips from this movie and clips from the original Julia Childs, she looks like she's got it down pat!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

poor Amy Adams. And while I'm at it...poor Isla Fisher (because my friend thought she played the Julie roll).

Austen said...

I loved the Meryl Streep parts too. She did a fantastic job!