Blah, Blah, Blahhgg....

Feeling a little bit "blah" at the moment. Had a day of ups and downs - breakfast and giant whole milk latte at Uncommon Grounds (up), meeting up with a friend to check out a craft fair (up), finding a groovy green parka at Frenchy's (up), trying on a gorgeous japanese inspired dress and looking like a heifer (down), trying on another gorgeous dress and looking a bit less bovine, slightly more foxy (up), finding out the dress was not 60% off as the sign in the window had indicated (down), leaving the shop sans dress (down), trying to buy appliances at the Bay and running into snags (down), coming home and having a veggie sandwich with gouda and a bottle of beer (up), trying to work on some cards and nothing working right (down), giving up, messing around with the digital camera and going on the computer and writing this post (down). I think that we are going out to dinner tonight, so hopefully the ups will begin to outweigh the down - but, it seems to take double the ups to cancel out all the downs.

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