Hot off the presses....

I am working on perfecting a series of post-bound albums, and I finished one tonight. They will incorporate the same elements as my small books - mainly ribbon and Japanese paper - but also offer more flexibilty in that pages can be added and taken away. This one can accomodate one standard 4x6 photo per page, but I am making others that can fit two. I am not sure how many pages I should include, so if you've got any feedback on this, I'd love to hear it. Well, this has officially been the most boring blog entry ever! Good night, and good luck.

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mishka said...

beautiful. One day, I'll have to see your work in person :)

My thoughts on the page numbering: those who *still* use 35 mm film generally use rolls of 24, though a few of those don't end up album-worthy. I think the book should hold either a multiple of 10 or 12. 10 or 12 photos seem like good numbers for a small book and 20 or 24 for a larger one.