Days and Nights

I've spent my days this week on the upper campus of the university, taking some computer courses. I actually love working on the University campus - it's got so much more life and soul than an office tower.
I like the old buildings, and the character and texture of the bricks. The blue sky and sun we had earlier this week helped my mood, thank goodness for the beginnings of spring.
Nighttime is puppy time - I can't wait to get home to this little guy every night. I am so glad that the weekend is coming - the days will be busy with walks, errands and crafting, the nights with relaxation and fun. TGIF to all!

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Shona said...

TGIF is right! I cannot wait to get home + spend the weekend unpacking, arranging + settling. Hoping my boy will set-up our wireless internet, being without was a nice break, but I'm ready to get back at it!