Inspiring images from Marie Claire Idees

A few months back, Marieke of Treats and Treasures kindly introduced me to Marie Claire Idees - a lovely craft magazine out of France. I thought I couldn't get it here, but then happily stumbled upon it in the French section of my local newsagents. I now have them reserve a copy for me each month, and I find so many great things - it's quickly becoming my favorite magazine. For example - check out the image above from this month's issue. What a great craft space, complete with those lovely jam jars with checkered tops used as storage.

Continuing my obsession with organization and craft storage, have a look at the image above. I think it's an amazing idea to incorporate storage into a room divider - could be a great solution for someone who doesn't have a dedicated craft room. Also great for storing home office supplies or creating a reading nook - magazines could be stored in the pockets.

I also have an obsession with trees and cherry blossoms, so I think this project is great. I am thinking of working something similar into my next craft display booth. I also just love the styling of this image - it really says something about the French lifestyle to have such a beautiful and whimsical piece in a utilitarian place like the laundry room. But, a lovely laundry room it is - I imagine that jug on the floor is filled with lavender scented water for the iron - almost makes me want to do housework. But not quite.

Finally - this is my favorite image. I love the muted yellow colours - perfect for Spring. I also love this project - I have been wanting to replace the shade of the light in my front hall for ages, but couldn't find anything to fit the existing fixture. I think that a beaded shade will look perfect there - and I can make it fit perfectly. Even if it turns out a bit wonky, that's all part of the charm.

Marie Claire Idees is great - there are so many more images I'd like to share with you. I want to make so many projects from this issue - there is inspiration on every page. The magazine includes instructions for each of the projects pictured above. All are written in french, but even I can pretty much follow them with my rudimentary skills. Now, all I need is more time to craft!


Austen G. said...

holy moly, i love that room divider with all the pockets! so neat. i've had no luck looking for mci at chapters...did you find the magazine at atlantic news? i'm thinking that a that magazine and a cappucino at the trident would be a nearly perfect saturday afternoon....
have a great weekend!

Veronica TM said...

i subscribe to marie claire idees and i am always inspired by it. the images, the projects...everything is beautiful.
i love the idea of having something like that tree in a booth!

Marieke said...

I enjoyed the new issue lots too! The styling is always so perfect x

shoobydoo said...

Gosh, I wish I were that organised!

Sabine said...

I love this magazine too, very refined ideas and pictures!
I discovered librarything here on your blog, this is just perfect.

Lin said...

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