Henhouse in "Style at Home"

I have mentioned "Henhouse" a number of times in my blog. They are my favorite shop here in Halifax, and they carry my books. They were my favorite place even before they carried my work though! The shop is a treasure trove of wonderful items, from whimsical little accessories, to Eastern European antiques to custom furniture. The owners, Sappho and Denise, are amazing and supportive - as are their staff. Henhouse was featured in "Style at Home" this month and Sappho is interviewed on the website. So, if you're in the area - check out the shop. And if you're not, check out the website and the magazine. You'll be inspired!


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

I saw that!! Great place!!!

Shona said...

I wish I were "in the area."

Austen G. said...

I was just in there yesterday doing a bit of "wishful shopping." There's so much neat stuff in there...and it always smells so good! Neato!