Hurry up!

That's a note to myself. I've been working on getting a new studio together for the last couple of weekends now (that's my old one, above) and I can't wait to have it finished. It's nearly there, but a few frustrating things are holding me back. The main one is that I can't get the filing cabinet I got from work up the stairs. It's a neat old filing cabinet, and it's going to be my main storage unit in the room since I won't have the cabinets along the wall that you see in the old studio (which will now be the spare bedroom). Also, I opened the new blinds I got for the room and discovered that there was no hardware, and, the baskets I bought don't fit in my new, custom built desk - so it's back to the shop I go. Sigh. But - I am hoping to have all of these issues sorted out by the end of the weekend and show you some photos soon.

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I was wondering how it all was coming along. OK- what's worse- painting or having to go back to the shop???

I would say "hurry up" I want to see photos, but no need putting any pressure on you, sounds like you are doing enough of that already. I'll just say...I can't wait to see the photos!