Long time, no blog

Sorry for my unexplained absence from the blog. We had some holidays last week, and went away to the beautiful Annapolis Valley here in Nova Scotia. We had a great time staying in a cute little cottage on the beach. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos, because my camera ran out of batteries as soon as we got there, and I had forgotten my charger. It also rained a lot, but we relaxed by reading books, drinking wine and eating, lots of eating! Above is a photo of what our view from the cottage would have been like on a sunny summer day.
We went for a drive one day, and discovered this grouping of little hobbit cottages. This one is called the Blue Cottage, and they were built by Charles MacDonald, owner of a local concrete company. I can't describe how strange it was to come across these fantastical little structures in a fairly isolated little spot. The cottage can actually be rented for holidays - maybe our next trip?

I've also been very busy making books, and Martin has built my new studio table. It's all very exciting. I hope to paint it over the weekend and get the studio set up ASAP. We had a great holiday, but it's good to be back.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I love the teapot house in the PDF link, cute, cute, cute!
Welcome back, but I'm sorry you could not have stayed in fairyland longer.

Austen G. said...

Welcome back! Looks like a fabulous trip! Those little cottages are something else. :) Excellent.