Kitty Lovin' Blogs

I recently received comments on my blog from Sabine of Cats & Quilts and Danielle of Pussman & Co. Both are from Belgium, are children's book illustrators, and both love cats! I'm glad that they commented on my blog, because I've loved discovering both of their blogs. They do such wonderful illustrations, and share lovely craft and project photos. I would recommend checking them out!


tash at poppyseeds said...

Hi Trudi - you have been tagged! Hope you have fun if you do it!

danielle roothooft said...

Hello Trudy,
Thank you for this posting about us, we are very honoured. We are friends sinds we were 13. so we know each other very well.When you press your pussman&co link you get sabines blog. maybe you can check it out.

Trudi said...

Hi Danielle - sorry about that - all fixed up now! Love your mol illo! (: