That's the way Martin says Saturday - Sat-day. I guess it's an Australian thing, but it kind of makes sense - Mon-day, Tues-day, Wednes-day, Thurs-day, Fri-day, Sat-day...all the same number of syllables. Anyhow, I digress. On Sat-day, we drove to Wolfville, about an hour away and had a great morning. We started off at the Farmers Markets with coffee and pastries. Milo had a great time, there were so many other dogs there. As well as lots of amazing veggies, there are some great craft vendors. One that stood out was a little 9 year old girl who made stuffed horses - very "Science of Sleep"-like. Unfortunately - I didn't get any photos of the market because I was juggling my coffee, the dog and a bag of fresh rocket. Then, we went to see a client of mine and sell her some books for her shop. It was lovely to see her again - she always oohs and ahhs over my work and is so encouraging. She even gave me some really cool new paper to make books from! The photo above is from a drive out to the beach. We ate veggie calzones that we had bought at the market while looking out at the sea. You can see in this photo what a little squirt Milo is!

This area is really beautiful. Just a short drive from the sea is all this gorgeous farm land. Martin had to stop the car and take this photo, because the trees on the top of the hill look a bit like a bunny. I like to think that maybe the farmer planned it that way. A giant topiary.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Nice current photo of you + boy-oh-boy, sitting on your lap, Milo is itty-bitty tiny. And to Martin I say...Good Eye!

Ah, don't you just love Sat-day? my favorite day of the week.

Austen G. said...

Oh, the beach! Looks lovely. so glad that you got to enjoy that Sat-day sun. We haven't had enough of it recently! And that hill-top bunny is great. :)