Xavier Rudd

Last night, we went to see Xavier Rudd. He's pretty amazing - we have one of his older albums, and I like the songs - but until we saw him live, I did not realize that he is basically a one man band. As you see above, he's got guitars, digeridoos and bongo drums, and he seems to play a lot of them at once. The music was much "trippier" live than I remember from the album - but that was cool. It was a bit like being at a hippie rave - I especially liked some of his instrumental tunes. As well as being a great musician, he is an environmental and human rights activist - check out his "Better People" campaign - an all around nice guy.

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

WOW! His array of musical instruments puts the guy who hung out on 3rd St. in Santa Monica to shame, he only had a guitar, harmonica + cymbals strapped to his knees, now if he added 3 didgeridoos to his repertoire...then he'd give Mr. Rudd a run for his money.