Time Management

I'm having a bit of trouble with time management at the moment. I've been really busy with double happiness lately - don't get me wrong - it's fantastic and I'm not whingeing, but I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. I just finished my commission, and in the past week all the shops I sell to have called to order some books. I also work full-time, so I only have the evenings and weekends to make books, as well as all my housework, socializing and family stuff. I don't want to (can't, in the case of work) give anything up at the moment - so I am looking at a way to make more "me" time - and also time to experiment with other artwork. Doing the collages was great, and I'd like to have more time to experiment and develop more product lines, but I am a bit of a slave to my little books.

An obvious thing would be to cut down on internet surfing/blogging - but I find it too inspiring to quit. I have tried to give up on housework, but things are getting pretty feral around here - we haven't been keeping up on the washing, and I nearly had to wear the bottom of my swimsuit as underwear last week. My husband helps out when he can, but he has been working long hours and has also been away on a few business trips. There are a few good hints over on apartment therapy ny today, and I'm really open to hints from anyone out there. I have to say, my hat's off to people with children - I don't know how they find time to do anything - I can't even manage with a puppy!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

HERE! HERE! to the comment about people with children. I wonder how my mother did it + for a time she was alone with a tiny little me in tow. Oh, Honey Bunny- I completely feel for you. I am really realizing how valuable "me" time is after having none for so long. Ride that wave, but please, for the sake of your dignity, take the time to do laundry + don't resort to swimsuit bottoms for underwear (but you know we've all done it before!) Cheers to you.

ellia said...

hahah, well, not to compare a dog with kids but there are PLENTY of similarities!! dogs are much more needy than cats... and i find sometimes i am hollerin' at diego to stop something and my mom will be hollering at her two dogs to stop the same thing- haha... and i think its sooooo wonderful that your books are taking off well!!!!! best wishes to you on time managing- its not an easy thing to do but in time, you will find the perfect median for you :)


Abbey said...

I totally understand the tugs of working full time and doing something you love on the side. Between a husband and a job and a side business all of the sudden there isn't a minute in the day for you. I had a total melt down a month ago and my wise mom demanded that I make time for me. I've started taking as little as 15 minutes during my work day for me -- I run to starbucks, I walk around the block, I go run an errand. As simple as it sounds, it really really works. My head is clearer and I'm less stressed. My work day doesn't miss me, my husband doesn't and my business doesn't. Anyway, hang in there! Thanks for the inspiring site and beautiful books. A.