Holiday by the Sea

As promised, a bit more on the holiday. First, the cottage - cute as a button on the outside, and also gorgeous within. I love the book "Found Style" by Amy Butler - and the decor of this cottage reminded me of something from it's pages. I thought that it also had a definite Swedish influence, while still being very Nova Scotian - lots of nautical influences.
The table in the dining area was made from a sheet of glass balanced atop three large pieces of driftwood. The effect was amazing, and so ingenious. There were so many great ideas in the cottage using found materials. We actually had the pleasure of meeting the person who decorated the cottage. We were on a little antiquing/exploring trip along the coast, and visited the sweetest antique shop set amongst gorgeous gardens - my photo doesn't do it justice. The shop was called Lavender Cottage, and it's owned by Mary Bell. She was the previous owner of the cottage we were staying in, and did all the decorating and restoration. She was lovely, and spent ages talking to us about her gardens and her shop. When I told her I was inspired by her decorating and wanted to use some of her ideas in my home, she said "You just have to wait 'til a good tide comes in." Probably the most down to earth decorating advice I've ever heard! I am not the only one who's noticed how great Mary's style is - she was featured in Country Living a while back.
I couldn't stop snapping photos on this trip. The little village and surrounding coastline were so beautiful and we had such a relaxed trip. Best of all for me, there were also loads of antique/junk shops all over the place. I would probably say it's the best antiquing/junking region in Nova Scotia. We will definitely be going back. I could probably do a couple more posts about the trip, but I'm not sure if I want to bore you with my ramblings (although that's what I've been doing with this blog all along!). I will start putting a few more photos on my Flickr though.

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