Sydney Link-a-palooza

As I've said before, Sydney was so inspiring art/craft wise that I could talk about it forever. But, it's time to move on from my trip (sigh) and return to real life - so, although each of the shops/artists/designers/crafters below really warrant a post of their own, I'll just provide a link so that you can be inspired too...and, possibly spend way too much money at a few great indie shops!

Miljo (pictured above) - a Swedish design shop, but nothing like Ikea. Beautiful wallpapers, sandals and brushes were among their wares. I especially loved the mobile/installation in the middle of the shop made of paper and twigs.
Materialistic - saw this lovely stall at Paddington markets. Gorgeous hand printed fabrics.
Kjash - beautiful vintage inspired jewellery, also found at Paddington.
Feed the Dog - hand printed, hand crafted pillows and wall hangings. Another Paddington favorite. I really loved this work, and I'm kicking myself for not buying something, but there is always the etsy shop.
Kate Raffin Handbound Books - Everything about these books is hand made - the covers are even hand painted with Kate's own designs. They are really vibrant and funky! Umm, if you go to Sydney, I think you have to go to Paddington Markets because I discovered these there as well.
Bholu - Hand embroidered fabric journals, pillows and other fabric goods. A fair trade company with products designed in Australia, and produced by artisans in India.
david met nicole - a great home store with lots of vintage products. This shop was located in Surry Hills which is another great indie shopping mecca.

This is but a short list of all the great places in Sydney, but it should keep you clicking for a while! I hope to post tomorrow with some things I've been working on.

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