What I did on my winter vacation - part one

We spent one of our first days in Sydney at Circular Quay - site of the iconic Opera House. There are lots of other things to see there - for us there was the Museum of Contemporary Art, where we took in two amazing exhibitions by Tim Hawkinson and Shazia Sikander. While very different - Tim Hawkinson does some amazing constructions and Sikander has these intricately detailed Islamic minatures - I loved both exhibits for the way that they combined art and craft. After looking at the exhibits, we had a coffee and I bought a Camilla Engman teatowel in the museum shop. Then, we wandered around a bit and ended up at the Opera Bar having beer and sweet potato chips. Martin took one of his famous "self portrait with long arm shots" which only served to confirm that we are the palest people on the planet, well in Australia anyhow.

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Uh! how great! I would like to go sometime. Actually I think it stems from an obsessive teenage crush on Mel Gibson + watching his early Australian movies over + over again. I still want to go, but no longer have the crush on Mel Gibson (pleeze).

Long arm self-portrait shots are well + good. I tend to go for the making a new friend + asking someone to take my (our) picture, then being somewhat disappointed because they don't get the rule of thirds, or only get the tops of out heads.

More pictures please.