It's me, on Apartment Therapy!

Apartment Therapy L.A. featured my studio yesterday! And, they also made some lovely comments about my work, especially my bird collages. So - thanks to Grace and the crew at Apartment Therapy L.A.

There's one thing I have to say - the blogging community is really amazing. I just think it's so great that I'm in a small city on the east coast of Canada that is not often recognized (even in our own country) for it's rich arts and crafts community, it's culture, or it's sense of style - and people all over the world are looking at my studio and work. I have lived in big cities and travelled around the world, but this is the place that I came back to, and that I'm proud to call home. Yay - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia!


Veronica TM said...

congratulations, trudi! your studio space deserves to be seen all over the world!

melanie said...

I think this is fantastic! And yes, your studio space DOES deserve to been seen by all but it is also great that such pockets of Canada like Dartmouth are getting appreciated. N.S. is such a wonderful and creative province - I'm sure there could be a whole tv show just on that!

*melanie from www.meli-mello.com

Heather said...

Very cool! Congratulations!