More Random Things...

I want to travel to Iceland since discovering the kooky and hilarious Iceland Socks website. A country that could come up with this fun little site is my kind of place!

I have been selling a few more things on Etsy - which is fantastic - but it also means that I've been dealing with Canada Post a bit more. I have to say - the costs of shipping things are just crazy! I sent a package via international mail today, and when I enquired how much it might cost to ship the same package to Vancouver - the cost was double! I don't understand how it can cost more to ship within my own country than it does to ship overseas. I hate to do this - but I will have to look at changing all my shipping costs on Etsy. Blah.

I've been enjoying reading the blog wikstenmade. It's author, Jenny Gordy, makes beautiful clothes and has a personal style that I find really inspiring. I really have to update my sidebar to include the great things I've been reading, coveting, watching and listening to - but my computer is about to run out of battery power, so I'll be off!

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I have missed out on 13 posts!
Have you seen the below ground hotel rooms with the domed glass roofs at ground level in Iceland? I want to stay in one.
My dear friend Jen turned me onto wiksenmade-love it.