Blogging Mojo

Regular readers may have noticed a loss of "blogging mojo" over the past few months, perhaps even years.  I can't really explain it - just somewhere along the way it all started to seem too hard - days would fly by, and posting anything just seemed impossible.  When I first started blogging, every comment on a post was thrilling - but that thrill just kind of disippated.  Even the joy I would get from reading blogs seemed to diminish.  But now, I feel as though the "mojo" might be coming back a little bit, and maybe this blog will change direction slightly.  You would never know by reading this blog, but I love fashion, cooking, decorating, and watching my husband garden.  I think that I have to incorporate more of my loves into this blog - just capture all those little moments while they are happening.  Baby steps though - not sure if I will be posting every day, or even every second day - but I will try.   Today, I leave you with an archive photo of some tulips - photo, courtesy me - hard yakka in garden - courtesy, Martin.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Yes, diversifying kept my mojo going. Hope to see you here more regularly.

Beautiful flowers Martin

Lyndsay said...

: )