The New Vegetarian

I recently discovered "The New Vegetarian" column on the Guardian UK website.  Written by Yotam Ottolenghi, who owns a few restaurants in London, it highlights delicious, modern vegetarian dishes that have a middle eastern twist.  I am planning to make the pearl barley risotto (above) for dinner tomorrow night - yum!  He has also published two cookbooks - I have been wanting his first book for ages, but it was a (very expensive) UK edition, but I noticed that it's now been released in the US - hurrah!  Amazon shopping cart, here I come!

UPDATE - This recipe was just as yummy as anticipated!  A hint - make double, because it was only about 3 servings, and you might want (a lot) more.  I grilled zuchini and marinated with lemon zest and olive oil to have on the side.  I have now purchased both of his books - looking forward to a lot more yumminess.

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