Dining Room - After

Continuing on in my house makeover series, I present...the dining room!  I don't have a before picture of this room, but trust me - it was horrible.  There was a 1970's brass light fixture, which I replaced with this curbside find.  It was also brass, but it's been spray painted white.  The disco ball was added as a Christmas decoration a few years back, and I liked it so much, it stayed.

My collections of books and artwork are displayed on two Expedit shelves from Ikea.  Most of the artworks are small pieces in ready made frames (the large piece is a Camilla Engman tea towel from Third Drawer Down, the lemon painting and dog print were purchased locally from Seeds Gallery, the Yeti is from Owly Shadow Puppets, the lady in the teacup is a trade from Dawbis, and the white ceramic piece was a gift from the lovely Shona of Lala Dex Press).

A change I made just recently is replacing the fabric on my dining room chairs with this pretty yellow chevron.  A quick and easy change which - hopefully! - picks up on the yellows in our printed curtains.  The dining room set itself was from a local used furniture store, made by a Canadian company called Kaufman, which no longer exists.  I'm not sure if it really has much of a pedigree, but it's solid wood and I like the mid-century lines.  It also has two leaves, so we can have huge dinners or spread out lots of work.

I would still like to get a rug, and to recover the ottoman you see in the back there - we use it for extra seating when we have more than four diners.  But, as with the rest of the house, it's all a work in progress!

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I remember your house being so dark (from a post you did a few years ago about a new entertainment unit) and it's sooooooo bright and cheerful. I forgot about that planter I gave you, OH! the pain involved in cleaning that thing, so glad it is still being put to use!