Living Room - Before and After

So, this is the final installment (for a little while anyhow) of the house makeover series.  Above, you see the living room when we first moved in.  The main change that we made immediately was to replace the laminate floors with hardwood.  Which, as you can see, left us little money for furnishings!  And, left me little money for jeans.  I know it was only six years ago, but those jeans are truly tragic - what was I thinking?  The paper lantern was a desperate attempt to cover up a dated brass and glass light fixture.

And, here is the after, from the same vantage point.  We have basically new everything, except for our couch.  All were inexpensive finds - the chandelier was again found curbside, the TV cabinet from a used furniture store and the chair and coffee table are from a major department store. 

This is the living room from the couch, looking toward the hallway.  Our fireplace doesn't work, but I just love it as a focal point.  We have an electric heater in there for cold days.  As well as my "Keep Calm" print, I have a "Good Day" print from local artist Anna Stowe (love her work - check her out!), a little German figurine from my trip to Austria last year and a carriage clock from my grandmother. The big, chunky mirror was also one of my grandmother's old pieces. The large glass ball is an antique fishing buoy.

This is from the chair, looking in to the dining room.  I like the way that the downstairs of our house is so open, and all the rooms connect.

These are some chairs that I picked up at a yard sale and had recovered in a red boucle.  All the cushions in the room come from Ruby Stella Home on Etsy.  I just love them.

And, here is Milo on his favorite perch!  (Note: the ignored dog bed in the corner) He is, by far, the best thing in this room.

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