new year, new book

It's been ages since my last post.  After a very busy Christmas season, I just felt like relaxing with friends and family - far away from the internet.  But now, I'm back - and I wanted to show you some of my new work.  I have started making day planners - I worked with a very talented graphic designer to create the pages and bound them as little binders.  They sold really well at my shows, but I did have a few left that I just put up on Etsy.  There are a few designs available, but I think that the linen and twill is my favorite.

And, when you open it up, the endpapers have this cute bird/butterfly print - it looks like a vintage wallpaper.  The insides have blank spaces where you can write your own dates, so it's not too late to start planning!  Maybe I should start one so that I could be more organized and post on this blog on a regular basis. ( :

Have a happy new year filled with all the best things!  I will see you back in this space soon!

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Lyndsay said...

Trudi I love these! These are great!