Bad Blogger

I've been a bit of a bad blogger these last few days. Not really updating my blog, and not even properly looking at all the blogs I love. My main excuse is a cold, which turned out to be a sinus infection, which has been hanging on for weeks! I'm on the mend now, but still feeling a bit tired and drained. I am very glad that it's a long weekend here in Canada, and I can rest up at home and (hopefully) also have some fun.

But, enough whining! I had a good time tonight, catching up with a friend, having a lovely dinner and seeing "The Notorious Bettie Page." I wasn't crazy about the movie, it wasn't horrible, but it just didn't really engage me. I think that she was a very interesting person, but the movie really just showed her as a one-dimensional character. You never really understood why she did the things she did, how she reconciled her Christian beliefs with her risque work...I reckon that she was cool though, and she definitely had a very distinctive look!

The picture above is my a closeup of some bits on the mantel in my house. It's my vantage point right now from my couch, as I type this post and listen to the fog horns out on the harbour. Now, I must toddle off to bed and sniffle through the night!


Marieke said...

Hope you will be better soon!

ellia said...

hope you feel better soon!!!

its soon summer anyhow.. . many blogs seem to slow down....

get plenty of rest :)

Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.