Scenes from a Garden

We had our first really nice sunny 20 degree day here in Nova Scotia. Martin spent the day working outside in the garden, his new passion, and I spent the day indoors, doing some much needed spring cleaning (who knew that you actually had to wash windows! Doesn't the rain do that?) and rearranging. However, I did take some time out to snap a few shots...
This is the great asparagus forest. Asparagus is a perennial vegetable, and some previous owner must have planted a patch. Two sad little spears come back every spring.
The only bit of colour in the garden right now are these tulips - but they are a very nice bit of colour!
And now, the garden says good night, and so do I.

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ellia said...

can you teach a rookie-scared-of-bugs- mom how to garden?! i have tulips growing and they are having a hard time blooming (i didnt plant them) i think i have bleeding hearts too! but i cant tell if the lil white flowers are weeds or wildflowers... and i got a couple rabbits (one i named harold) so they may eat up the seeds, right?! your garden looks so beautiful and gosh, you take such awesome pics!