Off for the weekend!

We are off to Toronto for the weekend! I know it's a bit early to post about this, it being Wednesday and all, but I'm leaving tomorrow right after work, so I probably won't get another chance. Looking forward to getting away, seeing the sites and spending time with Mishka and her boy.

In case you are wondering about the picture, it's from a place in Toronto that I wouldn't mind visiting - the Bata Shoe Museum. I think that it's the only museum of it's type in the world, and I have a bit of a thing for shoes!

Bye for now...


Marieke said...

Have a great weekend!!! Lovely shoe that is x

mishka said...

Can't wait to see you and that husband of your's!

For some reason, I have never been to the Bata Shoe Museum. We pass it all the time, but have never ventured in.

Have a great flight - see you tonight!