Renoir, Picasso and Mrs. Ida Simon

Yes, Mrs. Ida Simon is truly up there with the greats of the art world over the last century or so. But, amazingly, I was able to pick up one of her paintings at a yard sale yesterday for about 2 bucks! All joking aside though, I like this painting. And, I like the fact that it's signed, it gives it a bit of a story.
At the same yard sale I also picked up this painting by an R. Fleming. While not as well known as Mrs. Simon, his (her?) primitive use of bold colour is quite exciting, and will make a lovely addition to the hallway going up the stairs. I had fun yesterday morning, going out and checking out yard sales. There were quite a few on my street, and also a few in town. I only bought at the one where I got the paintings though. I also picked up two brand new sets of bamboo knitting needles and a shade for the light in my studio. The whole lot only cost me 10 bucks. Pretty impressive, I thought.

The rest of the day was spent making more books. I have a couple of orders to fill this week, and I am beginning to get a sense of the "Christmas Rush" coming on. My meeting with the Craft show people went well, but I won't find out about whether or not I'm in until tomorrow. The anticipation of the meeting was a bit nerve-wracking, but now that it's over, I have transcended into a type of Zen state. If I get in, great - and if I don't, well - that's OK too. Mind you, I say this now, but wait until crunch time and Zen will be replaced by...well, something quite a lot less Zen.


LALA dex press said...

When I was writing my list I was thinking of you + your sense of overwhelment (is that a word?). I was just talking to a neighbor about all the work I have lined up + he said, "yah, but that's not a bad place to be in." Nope, no complaints about it at all, but I think the key is breaking it down + not looking at it as a whole. Yesterday I had the sense of where do I start??? That's where the list came from.
I think I saw some of Mrs. Ida's work at the Met, yep, her stuff is really great- lucky find at such a good price.
Take care! Shona

Veronica TM said...

I really like Mrs. Simon's painting! And what a price...can't beat it. I think you feel Zen because you have done everything you can, now we'll see. Good luck tomorrow!

Marieke said...

ahh, masterpiece bargains -- lovely!

Very curious how it went! Update?!? If your unzenlike state of mind allows you of course.